Ultrasonic Dog House (automatic)

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This device works automatically when it detects a bark within a predetermined distance. Hang it near the back door, or hang it on a tree pointing over the neighbours fence to help with the annoying dog next door!

Ideal for indoor or outdoors use.

  • Safe for people or dogs
  • 5 separate ultrasonic frequencies
  • Sound activated speaker
  • Two Colour LED lights
  • IPX5 Water resistance
  • Indoor or Outdoor use
  • Rechargeable 1200 mAh battery for 2 months of standby charge 
  • Range of 20 metres

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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
It actually works a little too well!

My dogs have stopped barking which is great… but now they are scared of their own shadows! The slightest noise and they get scared and cower down :( … at least the bark box works I guess and stopped the barking like I’d hoped it would..I just need to help my dogs not be so scared of the slightest noise!

Vanessa McEwan
Ultra Sonic anti bark house

I brought 2 as I have a big yard. It works on 2 of my dogs no problem but 1 Maltese pup just barks through it and my 11 year old shepherd she just barks through it as well. They have been up and running for a week so will see how they go after 2 weeks.

David Parsons
Nuisance Barking Stopped

Our dogs love to bark at pretty much anything from birds to passers-by, this has now become less of an issue since we received the Ultrasonic Dog House. They now bark once and stop, which is fantastic, as we didn't want to stop them from barking entirely, as we still wanted them to be an alert for when someone was around, although we needed to stop the incessant barking; it has done that and we couldn't be happier.

Margaret Quinn
Ultrasonic Dog House

Found it works well with my dog and the neighbours dogs. Thank you

Alison Briggs

Best thing ever! Totally changed our toy poodles behaviour. Their barking has been reduced 90% and they are constantly been rewarded when they don’t bark.

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