Could Citronella Dog Collars Be Right for You?

One of the options some may wish to choose when looking at training collars is a citronella dog collar. It is designed to be filled up with a safe spray of citronella. This is not harmful to the pet, but it is annoying enough to break the dogs concentration and therefore corrected any unwanted behavior. At Pet Tech Australia, we offer different types of citronella collars, plus we stock some of the best value refill cans you will find! 

When Is This the Best Option?

Citronella dog collars work in a very efficient manner. We have bark activated citronella spray collars, and we stock a citronella remote training collar that also includes a vibration mode, and a warning tone mode. All 3 modes can be used to correct unwanted behavior, without the need for shock! 

As you consider the best electric dog collars out there, know that what works for your dog may be different than what someone else uses. Some dogs will respond more quickly to the shock of an electric dog collar. However, some people do not like those types of products. That’s just fine. With the help of citronella dog collars, you can still feel comfortable providing your pet with the training necessary to stop the barking or bad behavior.

Take a closer look at the citronella dog collars we have available. We offer a range of options to ensure everyone finds just what they need. Check out our full product line up at Pet Tech Australia.

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