Introducing the last training device you will ever need - the 2 in 1. 


Finally - a device that is both a bark control collar, and a remote training collar in one. 

Train up to 3 dogs with 1 remote.
The 1 dog version comes with 1 remote & 1 collar.
The 2 dog version comes with 1 remote & 2 collars.

The 3 dog version comes with 1 remote & 3 collars.


  • Train your dog from a ridiculous 1,000 metre distance
  • This model features an easy-to-use rechargeable remote dog training collar controller/transmitter with large LCD display, and a small, lightweight, IPX6 water resistant, and rechargeable training collar receiver. The remote dog training collar offers tone, 100 levels of vibration and humane static pulse stimulation/static shock.
  • You can also turn the collar into AUTO ANTI BARK collar from remote.
  • Tough construction, IPX6 water resistant, 90 day battery standby time: The remote dog shock collar receiver has compact yet solid construction. Pet training collar remains ON unless it is turned off manually. Remote hibernates when not in use but a push on the button wakes it up and works instantly. 
  • The 1,000 metre IPX5 water resistant remote controller has an inbuilt LED torch and lanyard - great for outdoor training, field trips or hunting.


How To Activate Auto Anti-bark Feature

To turn off/disable the auto anti-bark feature, please turn on both the remote and receiver first. Then push and hold the power button on the remote untill you hear two beeps from the receiver. Now the auto anti-bark is off. To turn on/enable auto anti-bark, push and hold the power button on remote untill you hear one beep sound from the receiver.

Sequence of events in auto mode - 
Bark 1 - warning tone
Bark 2 - warning tone
Bark 3 - warning tone & slight shock
Subsequent barks (up to 7) - warning tone and increasing shock

2 in 1 - Bark & Remote training collar (1 - 3 dogs)

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