Pet Tech Outdoor Wireless GPS Containment Fence

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The Pet Tech GPS Containment Fence system is the latest in dog containment technology.

It eliminates the issues surrounding traditional fence systems, ie digging trenches, running wire around the perimeter etc.

The limitations of GPS technology means that the perimeter you set will be a cirlce around the mid point that you select. You can vary the diameter of the circle, however you cannot change the shape. Therefore this is best suited for acreage or large blocks. 

  • GPS Precise positioning.
  • The circle perimeter can be set from a 33 yard radius up to a 999 yards radius.
  • No APP required.
  • No Subscription needed.
  • No SIM card required.
  • No Transmitter required.
  • No Wire needed.
  • Coverage GPS, GLONASS, Galelio and Beidou.
  • Collar is adjustable and extends to 62cm
  • Recommended for dogs over 10 - 12kg 

· Our GPS wireless electronic dog fence system adapts the newest GPS satellite positioning technology. Compared with the traditional fence that uses the radio-frequency signal, our GPS wireless fence is much more accurate (plus or minus 3 yards), does not require any transmitter boxes or boundary wires to setup and has a signal Range of 33-999 yards.

· The signal of traditional wireless fences are can be disrupted by metal objects or obstacles which can sometimes result in your dogs receiving incorrect warnings. The stability and accuracy of GPS signal are much better than that of radio-frequency signal. Our updated GPS technology avoids similar problems, and you never have to worry about your dogs being warned accidentally.

· Our Wireless boundary collars uses standard GPS signal to set up and track the dog's real-time location. You just need to set the radius, centre point and training method/during initial setup and the centre point after resetting the device.

· The wireless collar has a built-in high-capacity rechargeable battery, which can work for 36 hours after fully-charged. It also has good waterproof performance of IPX7, which enables it to work in wet weather, allowing your dog to play in wet grass, in the sprinkler or play in the rain.

· There are 3 stimulus modes: beep, vibration, and shock.

For outdoor use only. The GPS signal might be lost if used inside, so this should be avoided. 

Please test for GPS signal with the device in your hand (not on the dog) - this will help assist with the return process if you end up being in the 1% of Australia with poor GPS coverage. 

DO NOT leave the collar on your dog for more than 12 hours per day.

Length across: 7cm
Depth: 3.2cm
Height: 4.2cm
Weight: 139g
Strap length: 0-62cm



Customer Reviews

Based on 34 reviews
Fantastic unit!!!

Fantastic unit!!! Within a couple of hours our dogs understood where their boundaries are. I live on a large property and both my dogs will get "caught in the moment" of following their noses and chasing rabbits, foxes, kangaroos etc. and they can be gone for hours, so I worry about what else are they up to!! Now, they know where their boundary is and they stop and come back, so I always know where they are. We simply have the collar set on the lowest setting just to remind them and we don't need to use it every day, just every couple of days to reinforce where they can go. They are much happier dogs now because we no longer have to keep the inside or locked in a yard and they have plenty of space to run around!! Would recommend to anyone who has property.

Sue Partyka
Quality product

Was very impressed with the quality of this collar. Fast delivery. Unfortunately it was not suitable in our situation, staff were very helpful when I called for advice and offered it be returned for full refund. Refund in my account within days. Would recommend this company for great customer service.

Scott Meneghetti

Pet Tech Outdoor Wireless GPS Containment Fence

David Malpas
Wireless containment collar

Very happy with the result. It took very little time for our dog to learn her boundaries and stop roaming.

Great product

Works very well. We live on acreage and my dog chases kangaroos, pigs, anything that will run and then be on an adventure for days. It got to the point I couldn’t leave him off the chain outside - so he was either tied up or inside with me. This product has kept him within the boundary and I am happy to let him roam outside without supervision, comfortable knowing he would stay near the house.

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