B420 - Automatic bark control collar

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The B420 is an effective and simple bark control collar for dogs, with the added benefit of an easy to read screen which allows the user to adjust the settings and functions.

1. Static, Vibration & Beep functions. Each function can be toggled off and on, and it can be used in 5 modes; Sound only, Vibrate only, Sound and static, Vibrate and static, Sound vibrate & static.
2. USB charging wit the included micro USB cable
3. Adjustable collar size up to 60cm

4. Water resistant - rain and puddles are no problem at all. Please take it off if the dog is going for a swim.

5. You can vary the level of sensitivity through 5 levels. This safeguards against having other nearby noises set the collar off.


If using the static function, this collar has the added benefit of being able to choose the sequence of events;

Option 1;
Bark 1 - warning tone
Bark 2 - warning tone

Bark 3 - warning tone & small static charge

Bark 4 - warning tone & increasing static charge

Bark 5 - warning tone & increasing static charge
this goes until bark 7, at which time it resets for 1 minute.

Option 2 - (for quicker results)
Bark 1 - Warning tone, vibration and shock.

Length: 5.9cm
Depth: 3cm
Height: 3cm
Weight: 50g
Strap length: 0-54cm


Customer Reviews

Based on 64 reviews
It works!

We tried everything with one of our dogs, she barks at everything, even a leaf dropping off a tree. This was a last resort but it worked and now our neighbours hate us less!

Works well for Pomeranian

I was unsure how well this would work for my Pomeranian (he barks at my husband). I got the smallest size and it fits even for my tiny 3.5kg pom. I found it works best when I trim his fur under his neck. It doesn't always go off on his first bark, but I think that's due to it rotating over time on his neck. We have been using it for a few weeks (I only put it on when I know he'll have more stimulus to bark), and it does stop him barking quickly. Good ability to recharge, and battery lasts a while (only charged once in a few weeks and still has plenty of charge left). It's a bit difficult to read the digital display, but there's not many options, so you can cycle through them and work out what you want afterwards. We use the sound/vibrate and static setting so we know when it goes off and is working. Definitely would recommend.

Sheryl Dunbar

B420 bark collar, has help stored our dogs from continuously barking at nothing.

Ange Jones

B420 - Automatic bark control collar

Lauren Gough
Amazing Anti-bark collar

I’ve tried many different bark collars from many different places and this one is the one that has stopped my dogs from barking. Amazing

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