Meet the new XCHO Bark Collar, the latest in bark training technology!

The XCHO bark training collar is the newest and most effective Bark control device by Pet-Tech. It's specifically designed to correct and safely prevent your dog's unwanted barking behaviour by using a combination of sound, mild static correction (shock) &  vibration. 

The shock and Vibrate functions are completely customisable with 7 variable levels each, so you can select the level of correction required based on your dog's size and behaviour. The shock function can be turned off completely if it is not required. 


Easily navigate through the different menu options using the user friendly LED interface with touch button controls, in all weather conditions. The high-performance rechargeable battery has a standby life of up to 10 days. This figure reduces based on the frequency of activation. 

If you or your neighbours are struggling with barking problems, then look no further then the XCHO collar. You'll thank us later. 


Unlike other bark collars, this collar does not have a complicated sequence of events. 
It will activate as per your settings from the first bark, making it effective extremely fast. 
Bark 1  - It will activate a combination of shock/vibrate/sound as per settings. 
It will continue to do this up to bark 7, at which point it will stop working and go into standby mode for 1 minute for the safety of the dog. 

XCHO Bark Collar

$100.00 Regular Price
$89.99Sale Price