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Meet the new XCHO Bark Collar, the latest in bark training technology!

The XCHO bark training collar is the newest and most effective Bark control device by Pet-Tech. It's specifically designed to correct and safely prevent your dog's unwanted barking behaviour by using a combination of sound, mild static correction (shock) & vibration.

The shock and Vibrate functions are completely customisable with 7 variable levels each, so you can select the level of correction required based on your dog's size and behaviour. The shock function can be turned off completely if it is not required.


Easily navigate through the different menu options using the user-friendly LED interface with touch button controls, in all weather conditions. The high-performance rechargeable battery has a standby life of up to 10 days. This figure reduces based on the frequency of activation.

If you or your neighbours are struggling with barking problems, then look no further than the XCHO collar. You'll thank us later.


Unlike other bark collars, this collar does not have a complicated sequence of events.
It will activate as per your settings from the first bark, making it effective extremely fast.
Bark 1 - It will activate a combination of shock/vibrate/sound as per settings.
It will continue to do this up to bark 7, at which point it will stop working and go into standby mode for 1 minute for the safety of the dog.

Length: 7.5cm
Depth: 4.5cm
Height: 3.7cm
Weight: 66g
Strap length: 0-55cm

Customer Reviews

Based on 383 reviews
Really good collar

Pretty good collar. I bought it to deter my dog from barking at night and the early hours of the morning then she has it off during the day. But it also deters her from picking fights with my other dog. Now I don’t even have to turn it on for her to stop her barking. I mean she still talks to me and complains about it but I absolutely love this collar and will be getting another one

gregor milligan
I love the product

I love the product and did not take long to solve my new dogs barking problems he is 2 1/2 years old and only took about two weeks to stop the problem ,he is a rescue dog who I’ve only had for about 6 weeks

Nathan Van Trier
Another quality product

This collar is perfect and worked instantly with getting the barking under control. Having previously purchased your boundary system, I am once again pleased with this collar.

Bark collar

Purchased this collar and it works well. I do not use the shock option only sound and vibrate. I recommend this product.

It works!

We have 2 little dachshunds who are extremely vocal. If we go out anywhere they bark and bark and bark non stop. We live in a new estate with ALOT of building going on around us and our little dashies have made themselves well known in our street. Since introducing these collars to them, it is safe to say they absolutely work! and the 2 little ones HATE them. Although, so far they only seem to not bark when they are wearing them. If we go out and forget to put them on they go straight back to barking. But once they are on there is not a bark in sight. I find the sound setting works quite well as they know what is about to happen once it beeps. We only ever put these on our dashies if we need to go out somewhere. If I am home, I only need to show them the collar for them to stop barking. I couldn’t recommend this product more. I’d just hoping that eventually we won’t need to use them at all with abit more training. The only downside is that they are a little big and the probes are quite big. We had to cut some length off the collar as it was too long. Would be good if they were made in smaller sizes for smaller dogs. Overall, I recommend this product.

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