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Meet the new XCHO Bark Collar, the latest in bark training technology!

The XCHO bark training collar is the newest and most effective Bark control device by Pet-Tech. It's specifically designed to correct and safely prevent your dog's unwanted barking behaviour by using a combination of sound, mild static correction (shock) & vibration.

The shock and Vibrate functions are completely customisable with 7 variable levels each, so you can select the level of correction required based on your dog's size and behaviour. The shock function can be turned off completely if it is not required.


Easily navigate through the different menu options using the user-friendly LED interface with touch button controls, in all weather conditions. The high-performance rechargeable battery has a standby life of up to 10 days. This figure reduces based on the frequency of activation.

If you or your neighbours are struggling with barking problems, then look no further than the XCHO collar. You'll thank us later.


Unlike other bark collars, this collar does not have a complicated sequence of events.
It will activate as per your settings from the first bark, making it effective extremely fast.
Bark 1 - It will activate a combination of shock/vibrate/sound as per settings.
It will continue to do this up to bark 7, at which point it will stop working and go into standby mode for 1 minute for the safety of the dog.

Length: 7.5cm
Depth: 4.5cm
Height: 3.7cm
Weight: 66g
Strap length: 0-55cm

Customer Reviews

Based on 366 reviews
Diane Casey
Barking Collar

Have only just received our barking collar and have had to use it a couple of times and it has done an awesome job our Doberman stopped barking straight away with just the noise and vibration mode.


Anti bark function works great, webbing collar being strung through centre of device not resilient when dog lies down and it’s constantly being bashed on the ground, plastic buckle fitting that shortens collar cheap and broke allowing collar to drop off.

Bruce Kinnear

I have had the XCHO bark collar for 4 weeks and have used it on my 9 month old labradoodle a couple of times a week when he barks excessively. I have not had to use it in the shock mode as the noise and vibrate mode has been quite effective - better than I expected. One small complaint I have is the tab that attaches the USB neoprene cover to the unit is too small and weak and has already broken - partly my fault as it broke when I pulled the plug out not realising that I had gripped the end of the cover as well. Build quality looks and feels good. Instructions for use are fairly straight forward. A reasonably priced well made unit that is doing the job I need it to.

Ally Armstrong
Not making any difference

The quality is great. Fast shipping. Has not differed my dog from barking at all. I’ve read and re read the instructions to make sure I’m doing it right.
It makes noises and that’s it. Doesn’t seem to be shocking him at all. He is very fluffy which we are getting cut right back today. Again could be another reason. I’ll come back for a better review if it changes.

Hey, please contact our customer service team! By default the shock is turned off, we can help you turn it on :)

Declan furlong
Good as

Works great on my two sheapards

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