Bark Collars for Multiple Dogs: Tips for Effective Multi-Pet Training

Training one dog can be a walk in the park, but throw a couple more into the mix, and things can get a little ruff. 

At Pet-Tech, we understand the unique challenges of multi-dog households. With our range of top-tier bark collars for multiple dogs, you can say goodbye to excessive barking and hello to a quieter, happier home environment. 

From bark-activated to remote-controlled options, we have a wide range of bark collars to transform your home into a harmonious haven. Read on to discover our top tips for multi-pet training.  

The Challenges of Multi-Dog Training


Timing is key to knowing how to make two dogs get along. When you have more than one eager pup vying for your attention, timing is everything. Rewarding correct behaviour in the moment can be difficult when your focus is divided or when only one dog is performing as expected.


Dogs get distracted easily, especially when you're training more than one at a time. To help them learn better, break down what you teach into smaller parts—like how far away they are, how long they need to do something, and what might distract them. Start with the easiest versions of each part and slowly make them more challenging so your dogs can pay attention and learn well.


Consistency is key to knowing how to train two dogs at once. Constantly changing your training methods, commands, or expectations can confuse your furry friends and lead to behavioural issues.


Dogs are inherently social animals, so competition for attention, treats, or rewards in a group setting is inevitable. When dogs compete for attention or treats, it can cause behaviour issues. It's important to make sure each dog gets treated fairly and gets attention equally to avoid any problems. It is how to make dogs like each other and will make for easier training. 

Choosing the Right Bark Collars for Multiple Dogs

Bark Detection Technology

Choose bark collars for multiple dogs with advanced bark-sensing technology, such as dual detection (sound and vibration). This feature ensures that only the barking dog receives correction, minimising the risk of false corrections triggered by other dogs' barks.

The XCHO bark training collar is the newest and most effective Bark control device by Pet-Tech. It's specifically designed to correct and safely prevent your dogs’ unwanted barking behaviour by using a combination of sound, mild static correction (shock) and vibration.

Size and Breed

When selecting bark collars for multiple dogs, consider each dog's size and breed. Smaller breeds may require collars with gentler correction levels, while larger or more stubborn breeds may need stronger stimuli to deter barking.

Our PT430 Remote training collar is perfect for training up to three dogs and has an adjustable shock. It also features an LED flashlight, three training modes and can sync up to three collar receivers with a handheld remote.  

Ease of Use and Adjustability

Look for bark collars for multiple dogs that are user-friendly and easily adjustable to accommodate your fur babies' different needs. Collars with adjustable correction levels and training modes offer flexibility and customisation to suit each dog's training requirements. This is a great tip on how to train multiple dogs.

Safety Features

When training multiple dogs, prioritise safety with bark collars with built-in safety features, such as automatic shut-off timers, to prevent overcorrection and protect your dogs' well-being. 

Battery Life and Durability

Opt for bark collars for multiple dogs with long-lasting battery life and durable construction to withstand your dogs' active lifestyles. A reliable collar that can keep up with your pack's adventures is essential for uninterrupted training sessions.

The 2 in 1 - Bark & Remote training collar features an easy-to-use rechargeable remote dog training collar controller/transmitter. Its compact yet solid construction and water resistance make it perfect for outdoor training. 

Training Tips for Using Bark Collars on Multiple Dogs

Introduce the Bark Collar

Treat bark collars like any other collar to prevent your dogs from associating them with correction. Allow your dogs to wear the collars without activation for a few days to acclimate them to the sensation.

Associate the Collar with Barking

Bark collars are designed to curb unwanted barking behaviour, not silence your dogs entirely. Start by identifying the triggers for inappropriate barking and use positive reinforcement techniques to encourage quiet behaviour:

  • Identify triggers: Identify the stimuli that provoke your dogs to bark, such as doorbell sounds or knocking on the door.
  • Sound the stimulus: While wearing the bark collar, expose your dogs to the triggering stimulus and observe their reaction.
  • Reinforce quiet behaviour: Reward your dogs with treats and praise when they stay quiet in response to the stimulus, reinforcing the desired behaviour.

Set Sensitivity Levels

Begin with the lowest sensitivity level and observe your dogs' reactions to the correction. Look for subtle signs, such as stopping and looking around or shaking their head, to gauge their response. If your dogs do not respond to the lowest sensitivity level, gradually increase the intensity until you find the level that effectively deters barking without causing distress.

Use Positive Reinforcement

Use treats and praise to reward your dogs for remaining calm and quiet. This reinforces the desired behaviour and encourages them to repeat it in the future. Choose treats that your dogs love and mix them up so they stay excited and interested during training. It’s also a clever way to how to get dogs to play together.

Monitor and Adjust

Flexibility and adaptability are crucial to achieving long-term behaviour modification. So, observe your dogs' responses to the bark collars closely, paying attention to any signs of discomfort or distress. Be prepared to adjust the sensitivity levels or training methods based on your dogs' individual responses and progress. 

So, can you train two dogs at the same time? Of course! Pet-Tech is committed to supporting you and your dogs with our range of top-tier bark collars and expert training tips. With our range of top-tier bark collars for multiple dogs and expert training tips, training two dogs at once can be a rewarding experience. Browse our collection and discover how to train two puppies together.