X1500 Professional Remote Trainer

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Number of dogs: 1 dog version
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X1500 Professional Grade Remote Trainer.

Our X1500 is frequently purchased by and recommended by dog trainers as a last resort for stubborn dogs.

It is our only remote trainer that can pair up to 4 dogs on the 1 remote.

The 1 dog version comes with 1 remote & 1 collar.
The 2 dog version comes with 1 remote & 2 collars.
The 3 dog version comes with 1 remote & 3 collars.
The 4 dog version comes with 1 remote & 4 collars.


  • Rechargeable - Both the remote and bark collar are USB rechargeable - once charged they can last between 1 - 2 weeks with normal usage
  • Adjustable Collar - Suitable for all sized dogs big and small (over 5kg). Collar strap can be cut to size if necessary
  • 600m Range - Have full control of your dog within a 600m radius.
  • 3 modes - Features adjustable shock, vibration and tone.
  • IP65 Water Resistance - Our remote training collar is IP65 rated - so rain and puddles won't be an issue.
  • Fast Results - Train your dog in as little as 2 weeks.

    We have tried and tested every training collar on the market and bring to you only the best in remote trainers. We have found that with consistent training, results are seen within an average time-frame of 3 weeks.

    Training scenarios and uses; Barking, Jumping, Digging, Pulling on lead, Chewing furniture , Biting, Chasing cars and people, Domination or showing aggression, Running away, recall, general obedience.

  • Dimensions:
    Length: 6.5cm
    Depth: 3.5cm
    Height: 4cm
    Weight: 59g
    Strap length: 0-52cm

Customer Reviews

Based on 62 reviews
george themistoklis
Worked on a Blue Heeler!

I have a very active and stubborn, 2.5 year old heeler. Have tried to train her since I got her when she six weeks old. I was able to get her to do commands like stop, stay, sit, recall, stay close (when walking her), in under two hours using the vibration mode only. I only use the leash respecting other people when they approach and when walking on footpaths.

John Hornbuckle
Love this product

We have 2 mini schnauzers which were a pain on lead. We only need to use the beep sound now to pull them back into line if needed.

Wendy G
Great unit

Arrived super quick, easy to use, works great

Wasn't Overly Happy

Bought the 3 dog collar option as when reading the description you would assume that three different collars all on their own separate channels would mean that three dogs could have their own unique settings. Wrong. All dogs no matter how you sync to the channel for that collar are left on the same setting. Several videos were sent to the team to seek help, kept following the instructions I received back but that didn't work either. I asked for PT to send me a video on how to do it only to be told no you can't have three separate dogs on separate settings & no further help received. Essentially wasted $185 because each of my dogs need different settings so I've had to buy different collars that can do that.

Danielle Richards
X1500 Professional Remote Trainer

I use this training colllar on my 8 month old GSD. He used to bark at the horses when I was feeding them and within days I was able to teach him ‘no’. I could use the vibrate on the collar to reinforce the ‘no’ command.
The vibrate has also come in handy with teaching recall. I walk all my dogs off leash in the state forest behind where I live. If my dogs don’t come back when called I use the vibrate to get their attention. It is brilliant! Wish I bought it sooner

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