Vibration only - Bark collar (Small & Extra Small)

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Size: Small
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Our vibration only bark collar is an effective and simple collar, which can control your dogs barking without a shock/static function. A great option for small dogs, or if you just don't like the idea of shock collars! This is an automatic collar - so it is activated when the dog barks.

Our vibrate only collar comes in 2 sizes - small & extra small!
Extra small - 37mm x 28mm x 19mm
Small - 70mm x 40mm x 38mm

The small collar has a rechargeable inbuilt 250mah battery and we recommend this collar for dogs over 5-6kg.
The Extra Small collar has a rechargeable inbuilt 110mah battery and we recommend this collar for dogs as small as 2kg! It really is a tiny collar.

1. Vibration & Beep functions.
2. USB charging
3. Adjustable collar Size

4. Water resistant

Customer Reviews

Based on 77 reviews
Laine Fraser

I have a 12 yo shitzu who’s bark has increased in pitch. He is a very determined beautiful boy. He still barks a couple of times after collar goes off but must say when on is better. Only have it on for short space of time but am sure he will improve as does not like it at all

barbara haines

Very quick Delivery. Good product. With heat off the air is Only slightly warm even on full pressure. Heat on is not too hot at all, just a nice gentle warmth.

Krissie Billett
Vibrating dog collar

Has not arrived yet

Sharon Aspden

Easy to use. Very effective. A great product

Sarah Collins

It's been two weeks and my boy is better rested. More content and has better focus in his training now that he's been relieved of his guard dog duties. He has only has the vibration mode go off once (within the first 5 minutes). I'm surprised how fast he learnt. Now he hears a noise and looks at me for praise. A Much kinder tool than what I was using before (water spray bottle or removal to another room) with more consistent corrections than I was able to deliver previously. About to buy another for my second dog (they are both office dogs and I'm not able to correct them fast enough when I'm on a work phone call so this has been a godsend)

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