Vibration only - Bark collar (Small & Extra Small)

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Our vibration only bark collar is an effective and simple collar, which can control your dogs barking without a shock/static function. A great option for small dogs, or if you just don't like the idea of shock collars! This is an automatic collar - so it is activated when the dog barks.

Our vibrate only collar comes in 2 sizes - small & extra small!
Extra small - 38mm (L) x 25mm (D) x 32mm (H) - 31g - strap length 0-47cm
Small - 70mm (L) x 40mm (D) x 45mm (H) - 56g - strap length 0-47cm

The small collar has a rechargeable inbuilt 250mah battery and we recommend this collar for dogs over 5-6kg.
The Extra Small collar has a rechargeable inbuilt 110mah battery and we recommend this collar for dogs as small as 2kg! It really is a tiny collar.

1. Vibration & Beep functions.
2. USB charging
3. Adjustable collar Size

4. Water resistant
5. 5-10 day battery life depending on usage 

Customer Reviews

Based on 107 reviews
Leanne Cassell

My dog barks like crazy when my Airbnb guests come to the dog and also at the dog thru the back fence. Now I can peacefully greet my guests and visitors without this noise. Also she will just stand at the fence while the other dog barks and not make a sound. Great product highly recommend.

This collar is Awesome makes her stop and think….

This collar is fantastic it makes her stop and think her attention is on the noise not on her barking now.

Wouldn’t bother with this product

My little fox terrier barks quite abruptly and high pitched and I purchased the collar as she often wakes my sleeping baby.
The settings on this collar allow the dog to bark 3 times (each time only omitting a very quiet warning beep sound)before it let’s off a 1second vibration. I found this extremely pointless and ineffective in my situation. The charge / battery life is also a complete hassle.
I used an older electric shock collar I had and she quietly growls when wearing this one which is much more useful.
I wish the description explained the gradual alerting processes.

Alison Wright

Works a treat! I am finally able to get an uninterrupted sleep at night. Super fast delivery too. Thank you.

works well even with long hair dog

When first trying to fit on my long hair dachshund it felt as though the collar wouldn't tighten enough for the vibration sensors to work due to how much hair he has. However, once properly fitted, the collar worked properly and reduced barking to nil after about 10-15 min (for a dog with bad separation anxiety who can bark constantly for hours). Can still make short sharp barks while only getting a beep warning which is very useful due to being located in a rural area. Has been a valuable tool to progress training for calm behaviour when left alone with vast improvement in combination with training in only a week. Probably easier to fit on short hair dog, but would recommend regardless as a way to interrupt stress/fear related barking.

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