Rechargeable Ultrasonic dog trainer/deterrent

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Our Ultrasonic dog trainer offers an alternative method to distract your dog and other dogs from barking, or any other unwanted behaviour. The device transmits an ultrasonic high pitched sound (115 dBA) that only dogs can hear which essentially distracts dogs, humanely.


The high pitched sound that is emitted has a strong, repelling effect to stop barking, digging, jumping etc from up to 10m away and is so simple to use.

Rechargable with the included USB cable - no more swapping out batteries.


It is extremely safe to use for both dogs and humans and is small enough to keep in your pocket as an ‘on the go’ training tool.

The sound is not audible to humans but works to ward off loud, repetitive and aggressive barking dogs as well as to effectively teach your dog to stay away from unwanted areas such as furniture or garden patches if you choose to use the device in this way.

  • Protect your small children from barking dogs
  • Avoiding unfriendly neighbourhood dogs as a walker, runner or cyclist
  • Perfect for delivery and utility workers to keep a safe distance from barking dogs
  • Stop your neighbour's dog from barking constantly

Like any other training method, practice makes perfect. Introduce an ultrasonic dog repeller to your dog and be consistent - your dog will soon begin to understand what you and the device are communicating.

What's in the box?

  • Ultrasonic device
  • USB cable
  • Lanyard
  • Instructions

Customer Reviews

Based on 90 reviews
Debra Morris
Dog trainer

Received on time has taught my dog to stop jumping only have to pick it up now and not even push the button after using it twice thank you

Natalie Cahill
very Happy

The ultrasonic Dog Trainer has worked really well at stopping my dog from whinging it took about a week of using it with commands and has worked. fantastic product

Kathleen Ferguson

Bought for an excitable mini schnauzer who barks insanely when people pass by our house. More so if they have a dog. I’ve only had this a few days but it seems to be very effective. Now when people pass he barks a couple of times them stops and looks at me as I activate the ultrasonic dog trainer. Early days and I hope he doesn’t get immune to it. Downside is I’m not always within the 16ft range and the hand cord is way too small. Dealing with this company was excellent and my order arrived promptly. Worth the money.

Lisa Merrick

Has seriously reduced my dogs barking within only a few days.

Alyson Honey

It’s pretty good.

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