Pet Tech Auto Cat Litter Box 65L

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We get it, maintaining your cat's litter box is not only time-consuming but also quite unpleasant.

Dealing with a litter box isn't just about daily maintenance; a neglected one can lead to offensive smells that compromise the comfort and ambiance of your home.

Now, you can effortlessly keep your living space odour-free and tidy with our innovative solution that requires no manual effort!

Easily manage cleanliness from your phone with a simple tap! (or the press of a manual button on the machine, if you're not into tech). 

Spacious: Our 65L oversized cat litter box provides plenty of space for your cat to get comfy. It features a streamlined vertical build and a low-entry design, accommodating cats up to 10kg with ease. The box includes a handy 9L top compartment, simplifying cleaning without the need to stoop or strain. Its separate bin for waste ensures easy disposal and is straightforward to clean.

Hands-Free Maintenance: Say goodbye to the mundane task of scooping litter. Our automated litter box handles the mess, saving you time and effort.

App-Enabled Management: Control your cat's litter box with the ease of our user-friendly mobile app. Set cleaning schedules, track usage, and get alerts with just a few taps.

Self-Cleaning Function: Enjoy a perpetually clean space for your cat with our self-cleaning litter box. Our efficient system discreetly eliminates waste, letting you relax more.

Stylish Design: Our automatic litter box features a contemporary design that fits seamlessly into any home setting. Its roomy interior ensures your cat's comfort.

Discover the benefits of the Pet Tech 65L Automatic Smart Cat Litter Box! This advanced litter box removes odours and maintains cleanliness effortlessly.

Transform your daily routine with the Pet Tech 65L. Revel in a home that’s fresher and more inviting, while your cat enjoys a spotless litter box.

Wireless Innovations: Gain unprecedented control over your cat's litter box with our advanced wireless technology. Compatible with 2.4GHz Wifi, our app not only monitors your cat's activities but also offers insights into its health by recording weight and tracking movement around the litter box—ideal for homes with multiple cats.

Multifunctional Litter Box: Enjoy the ease of managing litter with our versatile box. Switch between modes like litter replacement, cleaning, automatic functioning, and odour control with just a touch or via the app, ensuring your cat's area remains fresh and clean.

Along with the automatic litter box, you'll receive a Cat Litter Mat to keep the surrounding area neat, plus 08 replacement bags for hassle-free maintenance.

Stop struggling with manual litter box maintenance. Upgrade to the Pet Tech 65L Automatic Smart Cat Litter Box from The Cat Lover Shop today and revolutionize your cat care experience with just the push of a button.

The package includes 15 litter bags, that will last over 6 months for a single cat home! 
(Roughly 1 bag per cat every 2 weeks)  

Order now and join the revolution in feline wellness!

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Sandra Willet

Very fast shipping. Packed perfectly. Everting works well. I recommend. Thank you Pet Tech

Cami Hermes
So good! Thanks Pet Tech

Works great and as described. Truly a life changer for those who have more than one cat. Highly recommended.

Sandra Willet
Worth IT!

I am delighted with the product works super well, it is expensive but it deserves it. Congratulations

Life Saver

This is the second sandbox I 've bought from this model and it's really cool, it has sensors that weigh the cat, it tells you how long it's been inside, you can program different types of cleaning and when it comes out, it cleans itself. You just have to worry about filling sand and changing the tank bag, I have gone from having 7 sandboxes to only 2 and without work, I am delighted, all my cats adapted immediately. Has arrived ahead of time

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