We stock spare receivers for all of our products, so if you lose one you dont have to go buying a whole set again! 

The receiver will come with a new collar (strap part) as well. 

For direction on how to pair your new receiver with your existing remote, plesae refer to your instruction booklet. 

Here are the SKU's of the receivers to help you find the right one.
G1-PT-T720-R - for the 2 in 1 Bark and remote trainier 
G1-PT-T430N-R - for 2020 Remote trainer

G1-PT-T500-R - for the Citronella spray remote training collar

G1-PT-T700-R - for the IPX7 Waterproof Remote Trainer

G1-PT-X1500-R - for the X1500 Professional Remote Trainer
G1-PT-TP16-R - for the Hidden wire containment system

Spare Receivers

PriceFrom $34.99