The B420 is an effective and simple collar, with the added benefit of an easy to read screen which allows the user to adjust the settings and functions. 

1. Static, Vibration & Beep functions. Each function can be toggled off and on, and it can be used in 5 modes; Sound only, Vibrate only, Sound and static, Vibrate and static, Sound vibrate & static. 
2. USB charging wit the included micro USB cable 
3. Adjustable collar size uo to 60cm

4. Water resistant - rain and puddles are no problem at all. Please take it off if the dog is going for a swim. 

5. You can vary the level of sensitivity through 5 levels. This safeguards against having other nearby noises set the collar off. 


If using the static function, this collar has the added benefit of being able to choose the sequence of events;


Option 1;
Bark 1 - warning tone
Bark 2 - warning tone

Bark 3 - warning tone & small static charge

Bark 4 - warning tone & increasing static charge

Bark 5 - warning tone & increasing static charge
this goes until bark 7, at which time it resets for 1 minute. 

Option 2 - (for quicker results) 
Bark 1 - Warning tone, vibration and shock. 


And of course, this comes with our satisfaction & replacement guarantee.


B420 - Automatic bark control collar

SKU: G1-PT-B420
  • This collar is suitable for dogs over 5kg.

    The length of the collar is fully adjustable from 10cm to 54cm.