These muzzles are designed to be worn for limited periods - ie if your dog barks or you are worried your dog will bit someone or another dog on a walk, then the muzzle could be a good option for you. 

As for how long your dog should wear it, there’s no specific answer to that as this will vary based on things like temperature, type of activity, how active he/she is, and health conditions, among other factors. 


However these muzzles restrict movement, thus reducing your dogs ability to, or preventing your dog from panting, eating or drinking. You should absolutely never leave your dog alone with this type of muzzle.

Sizing: (see picture for how to measure the muzzle)

XS: Mouth 9-12cm

S: Mouth 12-15cm

M: Mouth 14-20cm

L: Mouth 18-24cm

XL: Mouth 22-28cm

Anti Bark / Bite muzzle

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